Smith Company Motor Cars

As West Virginia’s only premium dealership, Smith Company Motor Cars prides themselves on maintaining great client relationships while offering the best selection and outstanding service.

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Our Tasks

Creative Development, Public Relations, Media Planning, Media Placement

The relationship with Smith Company Motor Cars began back 1991 under the creative vision of John Auge as he was assigned to carve out a niche amidst Charleston’s premium car market. With the formation of Auge+Gray+Drake, the relationship remains strong and continues to grow. Smith Company Motor Cars was founded on the basis of exemplifying their brand as one that leads in luxury and performance, and our firm has been trusted to make that foundation come to life through creative concepts and marketing strategies.

As the world of car buying has transformed drastically, AGD+ has joined with Smith Company in the fast lane to be ahead of the curve through digital marketing and online advertising. Whether it’s navigating through the complexity of co-op approval or developing a solid, branded TV campaign, AGD+ knows it’s all driven by strong friendships and successful business relationships.

Our Partner Firms

We value relationships. Through partnerships, we have been able to make a signficant difference in the outcomes for our clients.