Dulles International Marketing Campaign

A comprehensive rebranding and marketing strategy can generate significant leads in the travel industry.

Implementing Marketing and Media Strategy for Dulles International Airport

Upon completion of the Airport Brand Marketing Strategy and Go-To-Market Plan and the launch of the Dulles International and Reagan National brands, the McGinn and Auge+Gray+Drake team was then hired to implement the marketing and media strategy portion of the plan including media, marketing, advertising and promotional services regionally, nationally and internationally.


  • Increase Travelers to Dulles
  • Increase Non-Aeronautical Revenue
  • Improve Consumer Perception

The primary goal for the campaign is to increase passengers that fly to and from Dulles International and increase non-aeronautical revenue. The methods indicated in the research for achieving those goals are to identify and pursue opportunities to reach key audiences with the goal of inducing trial and usage of Dulles International and its services and facilities, resulting in increased revenues to the Authority.

The McGinn and Auge+Gray+Drake team provided strategic advertising and promotional recommendations, based on analysis of existing market research and customer segmentations. Working with MWAA communications, the team has developed themes and creative advertising and promotional campaigns, including the development of radio, television, digital, social, print and in-airport marketing.


The team has developed a targeted campaign that promotes the benefits of traveling for business and leisure, motivating more travel and differentiating Dulles from its competitors through amenities and services that improve the travel experience. The campaign targets individuals based on their travel habits as well as geographically targeting travelers to ensure the most accurate and efficient media purchase.


Through promotion of travel and amenities that will increase spending, the program continues to build a unique marketing approach in the airport industry.